Friday, September 25, 2015

I am going to be talking about the time i went mexico it was summer time and i told my mom what time am i leaving to mexico and my mom seed at the morning so my mom tock me and my brother to a bus to go but my mom was not cumming withe us because she does not have alot of money so me and my brother got on the bus then we had to wait there for a long time because there was other persons cumming to wen the bus started me and my brother wait for a long time wen i was half way there i started to open the bag of food we hade bags of chips juice and other foods the bus stops sumtimes wen persons on the bus wants to use the bathroom me and my brother only got out of the bus gust to stech because we get tierd if siting down then wen we got to the place we were going to it was called sanluis then we walk to my grandma home.